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How much home
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What will be my:
1. Closing Costs be?
2.  Down Payment be?
Below are a couple of tools you can use to see how much home you can afford, what your closing costs
will be and how much down payment you will need. (just click on the links)
FHA now requires at least 3.5% down
**The links to this lender or any other is merely meant to be used as a tool and in no way is intended to steer you to any particular lender.  
Please contact a lender of your own choosing, however if you need some suggestions we can provide you with several to choose form.**
****Please keep in mind your actual interest rate that you will pay is determined by a lender's examination of your application, credit
history/documentation, and employment verification.  The interest rate will have an effect upon the amount of home you may be able to  purchase.****
Enter your rate if you known, otherwise
it will be figured at 5.5%
Loan Calculator
Loan amount ($):
Interest rate (%):
Term (years):
Annual Property Taxes (divided
by 12) and Insurance
**Add approximately $2.86 per $1,000
of insurance per month**
Monthly payment ($):
Total interest ($):
Average monthly interest ($):
Number of years: